Boxing rules: the referee

Boxing Rules –The Referee
Boxing Rules –The Referee


Boxing Rules –The Referre

Boxing memories continues the presentation of the boxing rules presenting the role of the referee in a boxing match.

The referee is responsible for implementing the boxing rules during a boxing match.

The role of the referee

Referees have the following duties:

  • Give instructions to both boxers before the start of the fight.
  • Decide when to start or stop a count when a boxer is down.
  • Decide when a foul is committed and whether to give a warning should or deduct points from a boxer.
  • Signal when the round is over
  • Decide when a boxer’s health will be endangered by more blows and thus, stops the fight.

In the early days of boxing, referees were involved in judging the fight, but over the years  this duty has been progressively replaced by a panel of judges, with the  exception for domestic fights in some countries.

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