100 Greatest Pound for Pound Boxers Of All Time: 13. Gene Tunney

Gene Tunney

13. Gene Tunney

Divisions: Light Heavyweight (175), Heavyweight (200+)

Record: 81-1-2

Years Active: 1915-1928

Intelligent, handsome, dedicated, determined, self-made and an ex-Marine, Gene Tunney has long been viewed as one of the greatest boxers ever.

He won two divisions’ world titles in a time when there were only eight weight classes and lost only one time in his career. His one loss was to a fighter he beat four times: Harry Greb, who will also be appearing on this list.

Always moving, with an extraordinary left jab, Tunney approached boxing as more of a chess match than a pit fight. He used this style to perfection against Jack Dempsey, Tommy Gibbons and Georges Carpentier. However, in some of his earlier bouts, such as those against Greb, he used an effective arsenal of combinations and body punching to nullify Greb’s attack.

Tunney was in many ways a precursor to the low-hands, fast-feet style used by many talented boxers today. He was recognized by the U.S. government for his military service and boxing prowess with a postage stamp in 1926.

Though Rocky Marciano is regarded as the only undefeated heavyweight champion, Tunney was also undefeated at heavyweight. His only loss was as a light heavyweight, and he successfully defended his heavyweight title for two years before his retirement.

Tunney was Ring Magazine’s 1926 and 1928 Fighter of the Year.

(source: bleacherreport.com by Dave Carlson)

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