Boxing Rules I

Boxing- Rules
Boxing Rules

We would like to present the basic boxing rules:

1. The two fighters are to wear padded gloves and they must fight in a ring.
2. The fighters fight in following sessions, called rounds, which last three minutes.
3. The number of rounds depends on the competition level. For example in the Olympic games  matches have only three rounds, while in the professional game, heavyweight fights can have 10, 12 or 15 rounds. The number of rounds is  decided before the beginning of the fight.
4.There is a short break between the rounds ( 30 second to one minutes) when the fighters go to the corner of the ring assigned to them.
5.Holding is not allowed; hitting below the belt is not allowed and can lead to the disqualification of a fighter.
6.A fighter is considered a winner  when the opponent is knocked out and does not get up before the referee counts out loud to ten. (K.O)
7. If there is no knock out, then the panel of judges adds up the points awarded for each boxer’s performance,  in order to determine the winner.

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