100 Greatest Pound for Pound Boxers Of All Time: 40. Roy Jones Jr.

Roy Jones Jr.

40. Roy Jones Jr

Divisions: Junior Middleweight (154) to Heavyweight (200+)

Record: 54-7-0

Years Active: 1989-Present

A classic case of a great fighter who held on too long. Ring’‘s Fighter of the Decade for the 1990s, Roy Jones Jr. set numerous records and was the undisputed pound for pound king around the turn of the century.

He began his career with essentially 50 straight wins (he had a controversial disqualification for a suspected late punch against Montell Griffin that did nothing to affect his perceived supremacy) and set a record by holding seven belts at the same time.

After beating John Ruiz, he became the first person in over 100 years to have won both the middleweight and heavyweight championship. But a few fights later, it all began to unravel, and he has gone 5-6 since his last major win against Antonio Tarver.

So what to make of Roy Jones? He was clearly one of the most physically gifted boxers ever. He developed a hands-down, unconventional style that could only work for someone with his hand speed and strong chin. Once that speed started to fade, Jones’ shortcomings were exposed.

Nonetheless, he has had a tremendous, record-setting career and has given us some of the finest moments in boxing, like  this knockdown of Glen Kelly.

(source: bleacherreport.com by Dave Carlson)

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