100 Greatest Pound for Pound Boxers Of All Time: 50. Salvador Sanchez

Salvador Sanchez

50. Salvador Sanchez

Divisions: Bantamweight (118), Featherweight (126)

Record: 44-1-1

Years Active: 1975-1982

Salvador Sanchez is another of the great “What Ifs” in boxing history. Many writers believe he would have been the greatest featherweight ever, but he passed away in a fatal car crash at the young age of 23.

Nonetheless, his accomplishments before reaching 23 are enough to land him a spot on the list. He defended his featherweight title 10 consecutive times and defeated Wilfredo Gomez (71st) and Azumah Nelson (89th) during this span.

In 1981, the year before his death, he also won (along with Sugar Ray Leonard) a share of Ring Magazine’s Fighter of the Year award, at the young age of 22. There is no knowing what Sanchez would have accomplished in his career, but we know one thing—it would have been even greater than what he had already accomplished.

(source: bleacherreport.com by Dave Carlson)

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