100 Greatest Pound for Pound Boxers Of All Time: 56. Charley Burley

Charley Burley

56. Charley Burley

Divisions: Welterweight (147), Middleweight (160)

Record: 83-12-2

Years Active: 1936-1950

Perhaps the most avoided fighter in boxing’s history, Charley Burley was frequently described as “too good for his own good” and was dodged by so many fighters that he never once had a world title bout in either of his two divisions.

Famous fighters believed to have ducked Burley include all-time greats Billy Conn, Marcel Cerdan, Jake LaMotta and Sugar Ray Robinson.

When he did fight, though, he won. He defeated Archie Moore and Fritzie Zivic and dropped a series of close 10-round decisions to Ezzard Charles.

Legendary trainer Eddie Futch said Burley was “the finest all-around fighter I ever saw,” and a former sparring companion made a favorable comparison between Burley and Roy Jones, Jr. He holds a spot in all major boxing halls of fame.

(source: bleacherreport.com by Dave Carlson)

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