The 10 Greatest Heavyweight Fights of All Time, Jack Dempsey vs Luis Firpo

Jack Dempsey vs Luis Firpo

2. Jack Dempsey vs Luis Firpo. Sept. 24, 1923 Polo Grounds. Result: Dempsey KO 2.

Eleven knockdowns in 3:57!!!! Few fights could match the drama and excitement of this one. At the opening bell a charging rhino named Luis Firpo rushed at Dempsey with one purpose to pound his man out of the ring! Firpo smashed Dempsey with a powering right to the jaw that buckled the champions knees! Dempsey was stunned and forced to clinch. The champion then retaliated with a flurry of savage blows that dropped Firpo to the canvas. He arose but a classic Dempsey combination -devastating right to the heart and a crushing left hook to the jaw -put Firpo down again. After a third consecutive knockdown Firpo was on his back rolling around and barely beat the count. In a modern ring the fight probabably would have been stoped at this point. Dempsey, a murderous puncher, kept up the assault dropping his man five times by the middle of round one! Suddenly, the “Wild Bull of the Pampas” was back in the fight. A wild, but dangerous roundhouse right found its mark on Dempsey’s jaw. Dempsey’s touches the canvas for a quick one count. The crowd was on its feet screaming. Firpo moved in to finish the wounded champion, but he left himself open as he did, and Dempsey unleashed a terrific, perhaps desperate, counter shot. Firpo was down again. After the 8th knockdown of Firpo in the opening round Luis rose from the canvas and fired a cannon like right to the jaw that knocked Dempsey clear through the ropes and out of the ring!! Jack landed upon the stunned laps of the ringside reporters who literally shoved him back into the ring. Though still groggy Dempsey floored the bewildered Firpo with a crushing right to the head. Amazingly Firpo rose from the canvas yet again. The bell ended futher assaults by either man. It was the end of the most thrilling round in heavyweight history. As Dempsey recovered between rounds he asked Kearns “what round was I knocked out.” Kearns told him, “The fight is still on now get in there.” In the second round Firpo again attacked the champion hoping to catch him with another wild swing. This time Dempsey was ready for him. Dempsey bobbed and weaved, slipping and blocking his opponents amateurish punches. Dempsey seizing an opening ripped home a sizzling uppercut that violently snapped Firpos head back. Firpo was down again, blood was spewing from his mouth and he was twitching horrifically on the canvas. Somehow, this courageous challenger once again struggled to his feet. Mercilessly, Jack Dempsey, moved in for the kill. Another pulverizing right lifted the bigger and stronger man off the canvas. Timber! It was all over. Luis Firpo was counted out in the most action packed heavyweight slugfest of all time.


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