The 10 Greatest Heavyweight Fights of All Time, Joe Jeannette vs Sam McVey

Joe Jeannette vs Sam McVey

3. Joe Jeannette vs Sam McVey, April 17 1909. Paris, France. Result: Jeannette TKO 49.

Just because the film doesn’t exist doesnt mean it wasnt one of the greatest heavyweight fights ever. Jeannette was floored 27 times and McVey 7 times in a fight to the finish! Sam McVey floored Joe Jeannette 21 times in the first 19 rounds. After the 17th round bell Jeanette had to be dragged to his corner. In modern times there is no way such a fight would have been allowed to continue. We would never allow anyone to take that kind of a beating. McVey would have won by devastating TKO and it would have been hailed in heavyweight history as one of the most thorough and viscious one sided beatings ever delivered upon a top fighter. But this was a fight to the finish and until someone quit or was counted out they were allowed to continue. And there was certainly no quit in Joe Jeannette! Displaying heart, will and determination that nearly defies the imagination Jeannette kept getting up and refused to lose. McVey started to tire and slowed down from all the powerful punches he had thrown. In the 39th round Joe sent Sam to the canvas for the first time. McVey, exhausted couldnt answer the bell for the 50th round! Joe Jeannette despite suffering 27 knockdowns in this fight won by TKO!


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