100 Greatest Pound-Pound Boxers Of All Time:95. Max Schmeling

95. Max Schmeling

Max Schmeling

Division: Heavyweight (200+)

Record: 56-10-4

Years Active: 1924-1948

Schmeling is most famous among American fight fans as the vaunted “enemy” from Nazi Germany who was felled by Joe Louis during the heightened social struggles in World War II.

Unfortunately, this is not an accurate depiction of Schmeling, who was later found out to have risked his own life to help save the lives of two Jewish children during Hitler’s regime.

There’s a reason Louis’ win over Schmeling was so momentous—Schmeling was perhaps the most feared heavyweight of his time. He was ranked 55th on Ring Magazine’s greatest punchers list.

(source:bleacherreport.com by Dave Carlson)

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